Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review for Gale Forman's 'If I Stay'

I loved this book. I really did.

For some reason I felt as though this book was shorter than it really was. Maybe it's just because it was such a smooth book to read. I gave the book to my mom a couple years ago and stumbled upon it at her house and was like 'It was that big!?'. Seriously, it didn't seem as long of a book as it was. Probably because it was simply awesome.

Forman did a wonderful job telling this tale, everything felt very real and I was able to escape into another world.

Yet again, Gale, you have gained a lifetime reader.

4/5 Stars....I really need to go ahead and read the 2nd book.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of 'Million Little Pieces' by James Frey

So, scandal aside, I'm going to write a review of my thoughts on the actual BOOK for what it is....a book. I could give two craps about what ensued outside of the book with the 'whole truths' of James Frey.

I've read this book twice, yes twice people, and I liked it both times. Once before people realized certain people in the book were fictitious, and once after. I enjoyed it. I felt a definite connection to the characters and was able to actually immerse myself in his world. That for me alone is enough to dictate a good book from another. If I can't connect, or am looking around the room for a clock, there's a problem. I never once did that with A Million Little Pieces.

Even though there wasn't a major flip in his character, he definitely still had a change. Not like a light switch being turned on, but more like the dimmer was turned on a bit higher.

Not sure why, but thinking back on this book after having watched Breaking Bad over and over, I somewhat relate the character Jesse's story to this book.

All in all, good book. If only people could set scandals aside and review a book for what it was. A pretty good book. Sheesh.

4/5 Stars :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review of 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn

 Ohhhhh Mrs Flynn, you've done it again.

Once again, she's written another book that has some amazing twists that makes you question where the book will go next. Although the book was well written and thought out, I unfortunately found myself aggravated at the turns and twists of this one. Actually not so much plural as singular.

I found them all phenomenal except the last.

Sharp Objects and Dark Places both had a final twist that made me jump in my skin, leave my skin crawling and mind wandering, yet the ending of Gone Girl seriously just pissed me the hell off. Really?

Maybe Flynnster wanted to get away from her usual endings of shock from a character, and wanted that shock to be more of an anger from the fact that we'd want a different ending.

It was a great escape, and in a book that's all I really want, but I can't help but want a little bit more from the ending.

4/5 Stars