Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of 'Million Little Pieces' by James Frey

So, scandal aside, I'm going to write a review of my thoughts on the actual BOOK for what it is....a book. I could give two craps about what ensued outside of the book with the 'whole truths' of James Frey.

I've read this book twice, yes twice people, and I liked it both times. Once before people realized certain people in the book were fictitious, and once after. I enjoyed it. I felt a definite connection to the characters and was able to actually immerse myself in his world. That for me alone is enough to dictate a good book from another. If I can't connect, or am looking around the room for a clock, there's a problem. I never once did that with A Million Little Pieces.

Even though there wasn't a major flip in his character, he definitely still had a change. Not like a light switch being turned on, but more like the dimmer was turned on a bit higher.

Not sure why, but thinking back on this book after having watched Breaking Bad over and over, I somewhat relate the character Jesse's story to this book.

All in all, good book. If only people could set scandals aside and review a book for what it was. A pretty good book. Sheesh.

4/5 Stars :)