Friday, March 28, 2014

Beta Readers and Book Covers

It's official. After hours on end drenching my keyboard with sweat and blood, I've finished (at least hopefully finished) the final edit of my second novel. The book is a suspense novel that may, or may not ;), lead into another book. Really it'll all depend on how well the book is taken. I made sure to leave it on a note that would allow for a second book, but not necessarily need one.

Now time for putting it to the test. I've done a little search through some forums on goodreads and found a beta reader to do a partial read on it to get an overall vibe. I'd like to get a few more beta readers before deciding whether or not to leave it alone or do a little more drafting. If anyone out there reading this is interested in doing a partial read, don't hesitate to email me.

This means it is now time for me to go on the hunt for a book cover! Of course, it isn't as though I haven't already been on the hunt, it just means that now I have to make a decision.....ugh I hate making decisions. At first I couldn't help but cringe at some of the 'art work' I was coming across, until yesterday evening I came across a phenomenal indie author book cover site. They have some very beautiful (oh yes, these are beautiful) pre-made covers, and a wide variety to boot! Finally I've stumbled upon a page where real graphic designers have made their mark on book covers. About damn time.

-C.B. Burdette

(If you're interested in beta reading a few chapters give me a shout:

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