Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Decision of Blogging

The decision to take my writing to the blogging realm has been a bi-polar hell.

"Oh every author should have a blog!" They all say. But what in the dickens is a writer supposed to write about on their blog? Especially an author who's yet to be published. One of the likes who's still sifting their first creation through the in-boxes of countless publishers and agents. One who has yet to get a strong hook in the mouth of either to reel in for dinner. One who would like a strong bite, yet has only felt nibbles.

Do I write about my work? That is, the work that I care for everyone to see. The work of which I bled out of my fingers for months to land in the hands of readers, yet only is only drifting from trash folder to trash folder? Or do you write little short stories to appease to the likes of readers surfing the web. Pulling them in one by one with your miniature adventures that last only a few paragraphs long. 

Although I'm still not 100% sure as to what it is that an author should post on an 'author blog', I did do a little research and guess what? Apparently you can use a blog like everyone else. Letting people get a little piece of the person who wrote the novel they so dearly love. Or in my case, the author of the novel they've yet to even hear of.

It was an interesting little 'diddy', when I realized that 'Holy Hell!', I can just blog about me. Me the author, rather than 'me' the character in my book, or 'me' the campaign manager of my self-published (or yet to be self-published), or simply published, book.

This was the turning point upon which I decided I would blog. It felt cool and breezy when I realized I wouldn't have to think so hard to blog.

Perhaps, this could actually be beneficial when my novel does launch, regardless if it ends up published by some traditional publishing house, or by the lone C.B. Burdette pubishing.

C.B. Burdette
(I will keep you company once a week. Promise ;))

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