Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hard Copy or Digital....that is the question.

Ahhh to be hard copy, or to be digital...that is the question.

Sitting on my end of the computer screen, after having released my eBook format of Death by Numbers before the print copy, I can't help but wonder what the preference of reading format a book is to the reader. Of course, statistics are now showing (at least through some studies based on Amazon) that eBooks are really selling just as much, if not more than the in hand versions of books.

Both have their benefits. It's much easier to carry ten digital books in one lightweight device, than it is to carry around ten paperbacks...or hardbacks (yikes! I think I just threw out my back thinking about it). Isn't there something comforting in flipping through the pages of a book in hand, though?

Personally, I prefer to have a print copy of a book. Even though eBooks do tend to be cheaper (and more profitable for at least self published authors, mind you!), I just enjoy seeing the book on the shelf. For the ones deemed 'to-read' in my head, it gives me more of a need to read them, as if they're begging me to pick them up; rather than if they're just sitting in a digital file. I also tend to enjoy eye-balling my previous reads that are collecting dust. They become somewhat of a trophy, each one conveying a sense of nostalgia for a world once traveled.

Anywho...what's your preference? I'm sincerely curious.
-C.B. Burdette

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