Sunday, April 6, 2014

Impatience and Releases

As some of you may have found out on Friday, I have the tendency of being a fairly impatient person.

Originally, I'd planned on releasing both the eBook format, as well as the print version of Death by Numbers, on April 25th. I got both versions back of the company I used to format the book and sent the information about the print copy over to my cover designer to have the Create Space book wrap created. After about thirty minutes, I had a revelation. I now had all I needed to get the eBook published. Normally, a traditional press will release the print version of a books about three months prior to the release of a epub edition. Being the rebel that I am, I considered this an opportunity to go against the grain and release the kindle format prior to the release of the print copy. 

Of course, the print version is still set for the 25th. For those of you Kindle lovers, you are now able to be the proud owners of the Death by Numbers first book. I'm aware that many of you are also Nook lovers and ye shall have to wait around 90 days if you're simply set on having it in digital format, due to KDP Select program regulations. Print will be out much sooner than that, though ;)

Honestly, though. Why are you still reading the blog, when you could by now be sitting through a few tragedies.

Hope you enjoy,
C.B. Burdette

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