Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review of 'The Pinecone: The Story of Sarah Losh, Forgotten Romantic Heroine--Antiquarian, Architect, and Visionary'

Before reviewing, I'd like to state that I got the book from a GoodReads giveaway and would like to thank the publisher for the copy.

Now to the review....

The best way I can sum this book up is this: It's a beautifully written text book.

I know that may seem silly, but it's quite informative and the writer has written some beautiful sentences to enlighten the audience on Sarah. That being said, I didn't ever truly feel like I new who she was. It gave great detail about the history, her family history, town history, the likes. I never felt as though I knew her.

This is the kind of book I like to call a 'coffee table book'. One you put on a coffee table to glance through on occasion. Personally I likened to the pictures more than the story itself.

All that being said, I will still give the book 3 stars due to the fact that, well, it is a nonfiction book and was well done in that style. I will be passing this book on to my dad though, because he loves history and I think given the fact that he travels abroad often for work that he might find interest in this.

Thanks again GoodReads!

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