Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review of a Season for Martyrs by Bina Shah

Many thanks to GoodReads and the publishers of A Season for Martyrs for granting me with a copy of this book.

A Season for Martyrs is a truly beautiful book. Personally, I grew up in DC during 9/11 and had a dear friend pass on one of the planes. After that, I always wondered about life over in the middle east. I always wondered about the victims on Middle Eastern soil. What their lives entailed and how they were (a/e)ffected by bombings in their own country.

This book was a lovely read and gave me insight I had been curious about. To read into a life who was affected on her own soil by the turmoil surrounding her, was truly an appreciated opportunity.

I have no doubt that Shah will be an author to hear more from.

4/5 stars from me. 

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