Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Following Zippy

Ohhhhh the story of Zippy.

This book has been my book baby, the one I've dedicated my time and love to since January. I've spent probably hundreds upon hundreds of hours working on this little sucker. Edits upon edits....and just when I thought I was through and sent it to beta readers, I realized how much more editing was necessary. I was almost appalled that I'd sent the beta copy to readers. Though it had been edited copious times, when I reread it there was so much more to give.

Alas, after about ten more edits (after the previous 20+, with the beta copy), I feel completion.

Finally the story seems to be complete, on many layers. Finally I'm ready to get this baby out there.

I wont give away too much, as I want much to be desired, but I will leave you with a few things to marinate in:

1. Have you ever questioned your place in the world?
2. Do you feel it necessary to find your place in the world?
3. The possibility of something bigger than yourself, something more deeply rooted than your two legged being who's only existed a mere few decades, some ulterior being or force pushing you forward in the world? Pushing you forward, simply because your little string of a life somehow intertwines into a big yarn ball of the world? The possibility of your life, being a mere piece of a puzzle.

I dare you, contemplate on this a little...Feel free to post here, or just diddle it away in a notebook...That is until you're able to wrap your sweaty little hands on Following Zippy (which shouldn't be but a month or two coming ;)


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