Friday, July 18, 2014

Review for RJ Palacio's 'Wonder'

Yes Yes Yes!

I loved this book. Although I believe this was meant to be a middle grade read, it seriously transcends age range. R.J. Palacio has done well in writing a book to inspire many a generation.

While most would assume it's a book about 'not caring what people think of you, and just be yourself' yadda yadda, I felt a stronger undertone. For me, it was more so a book about living life to the fullest, and treating people with compassion. Simply to look past what people are doing in the moment, and accept them as they are.

R.J. did a wonderful job in making Auggie real. She showed us how a real little boy would deal with the hand he was dealt, not some middle aged woman writing as a ten year old.

I personally loved the book so much I gave it to my brother as a high school graduation gift. If there is a book for anyone to read, where they can be inspired before jetting off into the world, it's this one. A beautiful life lesson.

Kudos to you R.J. Kudos to you.

4/5 Stars

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