Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review of JM Coetzee's 'SummerTime'

Somehow or another, I found this book at a Dollar Tree. That means it cost a dollar...which is a shame for the publishers because it's quite a good read, but also a good thing because J.M. Coetzee has gained a follower.

Being that this was my first find at a DT, I was quite surprised (who knew they'd carry such quality books!?!?). Although this is an autobiography, it felt more like fiction. That's not to say the stories inside aren't true, rather that they sincerely captured my attention.

What I found even more interesting is the fact that Coetzee kept himself at a distance. I felt as though he painted himself more of a shadow throughout the different stories, than the man this autobiography was about. Somehow Coetzee was able to use this toward his benefit, and I felt closer to knowing this shadowy figure, than one might expect. In fact he felt more real at the end of the book, than most people do near the end of their (auto)biographies.

Really good read.

4/5 Stars

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